Sleep Manager

The Android application Sleep Manager has been released.

Hello GE Planet.

Although it has been a long time since the release, we would like to announce the release of the Sleep Manager in this article as well.

Sleep Manager
Sleep Manager
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This time, I created an alarm app instead of a game.

However, I aimed for a casual application, not a serious practical application, so as not to lose sight of the playfulness.

I used Live2D to display a moving character on the standby screen. This time I tried to display “Koharu”, a copyrighted character by Live2D. There are many samples available, so it’s easy to implement until you get it working.

It was hard to make the motions in Unity, and if I could use Cubism, it might be easier.

I thought that people would not be interested in a simple alarm, so I added one more advanced feature. That is the acquisition of sleep cycles.

We created an Android plugin to enable the use of the accelerometer.

I used myself as an experimental subject, and after repeated verification and adjustment to detect sleep turning, I came up with a graph that looked like that.

However, from a scientific point of view, I’m not an expert and I don’t know how reliable the data is. So, please think of it as a hobby genre where you can enjoy the changes in the graph. If the graphs are erratic, please consider that I am not feeling well.

Other common functions such as changing the background music and snooze are also implemented.

We have also added a new feature called alarm type. It uses an accelerometer to set off an alarm earlier when you are asleep and close to your wake-up time. In reality, the alarm is set to go off when the sensor detects a certain amount of shaking.

This time, I also implemented a gacha, which is common in games.

The contents are illustrations of interior furniture, sundries, and home appliances, and the only use for them is to collect them, but you can unlock achievements in Google Play games. This is also a feature that was not available in TETRY 3D, but I incorporated it because it is a technology that can be applied to games.

For more information, please take a look at the special website.

Although only the Android version has been released, we were considering the iOS version as well. However, we concluded that the background processing was too restrictive and it would be impossible to implement it in the same way as Android.

In my subsequent research, I found out that I could make it by linking it to the Apple Watch app, so if you buy an Apple Watch and are willing to do so, there may come a day when I can announce the release of the iOS version.

For now, we hope you will use the Android version of “Sleep Manager”.

Thank you for reading carefully.

It was GE Planet.


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