What's a sleep manager?

This is an Android application that can be used as an alarm clock.

We use Live2D to depict animated characters.

The device's accelerometer can measure your

tossing and turning and calculate your sleep cycle.

Other basic functions such as snooze and changing background music are also available.


Live2D Cubism is a professional standard

for 2D modeling that realizes "3D expression

in 2D" from a single original image.

2D original images can be processed directly into 3D animation.

Koharu model, which is one of the Koharu model,

which is one of the samples in this application.

For more information, please click here.

Description of sleep cycle

The sleep cycle is a cycle of repeated shallow and deep sleep

during sleep, gradually approaching wakefulness.

In this application, the higher the graph, the closer to

wakefulness, and the lower the graph, the deeper the sleep.

A graph that shows a staircase from

left to right is considered to be close to ideal sleep.。

The values displayed with the graph are as follows.

Bedtime: The time when the timer is set.

Falling asleep time : The time when the app senses that you are asleep.

Wake up time : The time when the timer is stopped.

Ringing time : The time set in the timer.

About Settings


You can set the alarm sound.


You can select whether to have

vibration or not.


You can choose from none, 1 minute,

3 minutes, or 5 minutes.

Use the spacing you prefer.


You can set whether to use sound for notifications.

When turned off, it will notify you without music or vibration.

Alarm type

You can choose from none, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.

If you select 15 minutes, the alarm will detect

tossing and turning for 15 minutes before the

alarm goes off, and when it determines that

you are awake, it will go off.

Sound Volume

You can adjust the volume.。


Press Help to see a brief explanation.

Sleep Manager aims to support enjoyable sleep.

We added Capsule toys as a tool for this purpose.

When you stop the alarm after sleeping, you will receive coins from Koharu.

Use the coins in the "Extra" tab to mess around.

The content is trivial, but I hope it

can help make your daily sleep more enjoyable!

The data measurement of this application is rather loose.

Therefore, it may not be able to manage your health

as strictly as specialized apps.

Still, I hope that by making it easy and

fun to use, we can all get better sleep!

What you can do with Google Play Games?

  • You can check your achievements by connecting to Google Play Games.

  • The Sleep Manager gives you "coins" after using the alarm with sleep.

    You can spend coins in the "Extra" tab to use Capsule toys.

  • Collect illustrations of wonderful furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items that you can get from gacha.

    When you collect them, you will get a separate achievement for each, which can be found in Google Play Games.

  • No user data will be acquired.

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    [Platform] Google Play™

    [Supported Devices] Android 5.0 or later

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